Author and Professor of Law at Boston College

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About Kent Greenfield

An internationally-recognized scholar of constitutional law and corporate governance, Kent Greenfield is Professor of Law and Dean’s Distinguished Scholar at Boston College Law School. A graduate of Brown University and the University of Chicago Law School, Greenfield is the author of three books, including Corporations are People Too (And They Should Act Like It) for Yale University Press. He is a frequent public commentator on broadcast and cable news programs, having appeared on CNN, MSNBC, NPR, BBC, Al Jazeera, and Fox. Read More



“For anyone interested in what constitutional rights corporations should possess, or in corporate rights and responsibilities generally, this book is a must read. Greenfield is one of the very few law professors in America with a serious background in both constitutional and corporate law, and his double expertise is reflected in almost every chapter of the book…One of the great strengths of this book is its ability to distinguish easy and hard questions. Since the hard ones are, well hard, Greenfield discusses them with subtlety and gives the topics the deep attention they deserve.”

-Eric Segal, Dorf on Law